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Jingling – Jingling Traffic Wizard Testing Tool

  1. This is used to test the automatic subpage access. Related to the first box of #2 in advanced configuration. 2. Click on a link with specific text. See #2 4th box in advanced configuration. 3. Reload the page test. See #2 2nd box in advanced configuration. 4. Start the test button. Use it to start whatever test you just selected. 5. This whole box is used to test the destination configuration. See ...

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Jingling – Add a Link with Visits Flow Control

  1. Add here your link URL. 2. This is the amount of time the visitor will sped on your link. Configure as needed. 3. Amount of visitor per day. If you want more than 600, add your URL in the first tab of the software. Note that the amount of view will be multiplied by your IP : PV ratio. If each visitor is set to view 3 subpages, you're going to have 3 times the visits. 4. IP : PV ratio. Same as befo ...

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Jingling – Link Configuration

    1. IP : PV ratio : Number of subpages an IP will visit. 1:1 means it will only acces the link, and exit. 1:2 means it'll go the the link, find a subpage and clic on it. 1:3 means it will go on main link, find a subpage, click, find a sub-subpage, and clic. 2. That will configure the behavior of your links : The first box will behave with the IP : PV ratio, clicking on random links on the page. ...

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Jingling – Traffic Origin

  1. Worldwide traffic. 2. Both of them are Chinese only traffic. 3. Western traffic only. This will what you'll use mostly. 4. Custom traffic. Allow you to customize traffic, chinese regions only, so not users here. ...

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Jingling – Basic Tutorials

  1. The first and main tab. 2. 2nd tab, it's point is to add link with more precise control, there you can specify a daily flow amount, that kind of things. 3. 3rd tab : Involving QQ. 4. The number of sites you can add. Based on your computer's performance. Goes between 1 and 6. 5. The are where you'll be able to manage your links. 6. That button is used to add a new link into Jingling. The 2nd button ...

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